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We offer engineered solutions for your business!
Our mission
✴ To work with individuals
✴ To work with organisations

We provide a range of services designed to support employees' performance, talent management and leadership development such as:
• Tailor-made trainings and executive coaching solutions for top talents
• Conceptual support for HR professionals
• Management and strategy implementation support for business managers
• Education services for international students: tuition, school coaching, orientation and university application support

We take pride in our ability to quickly assess the specific needs of our clients in order to develop practical programmes and services that match their potential.

We help clients reach their full potential in every aspect of their life. We offer dedicated support in a reliable and unbiased environment.  
Icare Strategy - Danielle Claudin - services
At ICARE STRATEGY, we coach:

• Senior leaders including CEOs
• Board Directors
• Management teams
• Key executive talents
• Young adults
• And… YOU

Our key trainings include: 
Corporate Coaching
Leadership development
Focuses on enabling leaders capitalise on their strengths and fast-forward their development in key areas.
Sales training
Matches personal and professional competences in order to boost confidence and increase sales skills with a result-oriented vision.
Company fitness check
Assesses companies’ competitiveness by comparing one’s business processes to industry best practices. It is a measure of a business’ ability to survive in the market place.
Communication - Media trainings
David vs. Goliath – Turns traditional communication upside-down. This training will open up new perspectives on communication in light of constant changes and will offer new paths to reconnect with David‘s art.
Personal Coaching
Career transition coaching - Behavioural assessment
Building on the breadth of our experience as executive coaches, it provides executive career coaching for individuals and client organisations undergoing transition – Facilitates a smoother transition.

Same services are offered to young adults, our future leaders, before or after their graduation from high school, with the aim to help them find the right career path.
Intercultural trainings - Expats programme
Ensures that expats transition successfully, helps determine professional priorities as well as new career paths.
Departure or repatriation programs designed for expats.
Women on Board
Supports women seeking to obtain leadership roles. In our experience, coaching women leaders can provide a number of key benefits, in particular relating to confidence, self-esteem and awareness of personal authenticity.
CapAvenir (delivered in French only)
Targets recently retired or soon-to-be retired individuals by helping them define and build new objectives towards a fulfilling retirement.
Comment devenir ACTEUR de sa retraite? A travers l’analyse individuelle de votre situation ainsi que l’aide à la transition via l’élaboration et l’accompagnement de votre projet à partir de coaching individuel sur vos objectifs.
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