What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
Spencer Johnson
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How far would you go to promote yourself, your company?
We have a large network of experienced partners in France, Hong Kong and Canada, and we will recommend the best-suited company based on your needs.

We work directly with CEOs, HR Directors, managers, employees and young adults. We assess and analyse the specific training needs in order to select and recommend the best experts.
Based on our clients’ needs, we can also offer the services of a set of partners, each specialist in their own sector:
Your specialist partner in communication and public policy .
Image . Conquest or positioning strategy . Influence communication Institutional communication .
Management of organizations . Public relations . Events .
You want to be chosen . Choose us first .
“Apollo Learning, parents’ choice for their international child”
Our objective is to help you reach your target, improve your grades or go to the best university!
Apollo Learning is the leader in holistic education service for international students: individual tuition, classes, school coaching, educational orientation counseling and university application support.
For individuals or companies:
A consulting company targeting French recently retired or soon to be retired individuals helping
them define and build new objectives towards a fulfilling retirement.
Société spécialisée en accompagnement de retraite. Analyse individuelle de votre situation
(bilan-retraite) et aide à l’élaboration de votre projet à partir de séances de coaching individuelles.
Courtesy, respect and good manners are the best way to acquire an honorable name and valuable recognition in the world. Knowledge of different social and business code allow you to interact with others, avoid misunderstanding and conflicts. It is an essential key to personal, professional and international success.
Icare Strategy Ltd.